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Apr 4, 2013 - Philadelphia’s magnificent museums

The largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennslyvania and one of the oldest cities in the United States, Philadelphia is known for its historical attractions and birth of the Declaration Of Independence with museums establishment celebrating the city’s historical role in the battlement of the country’s independence. Pay a visit to Philadelphia’s magnificent museums with a bus, charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus rented from Bus Company Philadelphia and travel through the city in comfort and style to learn more about this City of Brotherly Love that offers more than just history lesson.

Rental bus visitors can arrange a trip the historical Eastern State Penitentiary which is now a famous tourist destination both as an art museum and haunted house. Home to criminal masterminds back in the 1920s such as Charles Dickens, Alexis de Tocqueville, Willie Sutton and Al Capone, now a historical landmark with guided prison tours. And at night, the prison is turned into a haunted house providing visitor’s an adventurous and spooky journey through ghost hunting and learn about the supernatural events which took placed in the 1940s that haunted both wardens and prisoners. The prison is also known for its unique art collection of cat sculptures scattered across the jail which marks the feline invasion in the 1970s while it was closed, with showcase of a rotating art installations.

One of the oldest and most famous art museum is none other than the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with more than 200,000 permanent pieces of original artwork displays and showcases of collections from Asia, Europe, Middle East and America. And not to forget modern artwork from Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali, Jean Metzinger, Constantin Brancusi and Albert Gleizes.

Another notable attraction which honor the iconic seamstress who was asked to sew the first American flag by George Washington, Betsy Ross, the Betsy Ross House. Visitors can view the replica of the very first Stars & Stripes next to the original sewing machine in the hallway. During weekdays, you will find “Betsy” helping out in her upholstery shop and on Sunday, she reads 18th-century children’s books and teaches craft to visitors.

Franklin Institute is a hands-on science museum built to honor Benjamin Franklin, an important figure to the American history, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and a notable evolutionary polymath. Featuring a static electricity exhibition with gizmos and gadgets. The museum’s main attractions are a mind-boggling IMAX theater, a sky-high tightrope for kid cyclists, and a basement planetarium that stages light shows. Rental bus visitors can also wander through the aorta of a giant heart replica or look into a machine that predicts what they will look like in 50 years.

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